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Grow into a mythical tree.

Nurture life throughout history.

   About Evergreen   

Evergreen is a zen single player game where you control the growth of a mythical tree with the goal of guiding and nurturing life throughout the history of Earth.
While growing your tree you will have to adapt to the environment in each level; wind, ice and lightning can all affect how and where you should grow, and the constant pull of gravity and threat of snapping branches will make you think twice before growing a branch.
As you explore the levels and discover ways to help life prosper you will unlock different variations for your tree. New bark, roots, leaves, flowers and fruit can all have an affect on how the people and animals around you perceive your tree.
As you progress through the game your tree will grow tall enough to dwarf buildings, and you will gain access to new ways to influence the world as your tree becomes more mystical and ancient.
Game Modes
  • Story Mode will see your tree surviving throughout history. Interactions with the world will leave a permanent mark on your tree and completing challenges will unlock cosmetic options for you to use.
  • Sandbox Mode will allow the player to build a tree with full control over the environment, physics, tree branch breaking, music and backgrounds.
Personalise Your Tree

Easy to use tools allow the player to create a tree with over a million variant combinations.

Interact with the Environment

Discover ways to interact with and influence the environment around you. 

Experience History

Play through nine levels and take part in important events throughout natural history.

   Awards & Quotes   

PAX Prime
Creativity Award (Melb) 2015
Serious Games
Showcase &
(Aus) 2016
PlayByPlay "Across the Ditch Award"
Serious Games
Showcase &
(USA) 2016
Indie Showcase Award
(CBR) 2014
"The graphics were great, the controls intuitive and its Zen-like gameplay surprisingly engrossing."
- Jazz Twemlow, The Guardian Australia
"A great team with a great idea. I think this little gem is going to surprise people with its fresh and innovative gameplay experience."
- David Board, developer of Lifeless Planet
"For me it was not only just about being able to grow something from a tiny little seed, but also being able to customise it and make it look exactly like I wanted"
- Helen Casper, Community Manager at Microsoft Studios


Evergreen's release date is still TBA but it will be releasing for PC on the following stores:


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   Special Thanks   

Evergreen is made by a small team of passionate individuals, but we would not have been able to get this far without the support of a number of groups. We want to show our appreciation for this support here.
The Academy of Interactive Entertainment
The Indie Megabooth
The ACT Government Trade Connect Program
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