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Siege Sloth Games


Release Date:


February 2018




iOS for iPhone and iPad

All Android Devices


Released worldwide



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Pocket Bonsai is a peaceful real time bonsai growing game. Check in for a few relaxing minutes each day to nurture your bonsai, influence its growth, decorate its surroundings and help it grow into a beautiful, personalised tree.


Pocket Bonsai was designed to be a place of calm. The players bonsai can’t die, but providing regular attention will keep its colour from fading, its growth rate from slowing and keep its pot from filling with weeds.


Players can purchase pots of all shapes and sizes for their bonsai, as well as decorative objects to place around them. Once purchased, these items can be used as many times as the player likes.


Pocket Bonsai will be regularly updated with new features and decorations. We listen carefully to our players to prioritise the features that will add to their experience the most.


Siege Sloth Games have a history with relaxing tree growing games. Pocket Bonsai began as an experiment in porting our multi award winning game Evergreen (in development) to mobile. It quickly became clear that, while the core concept worked really well for mobile devices, issues with the screen size and performance meant that the game itself would have to be significantly changed.


After one afternoon spent discussing potential options, the concept of Pocket Bonsai had come together almost fully formed. Using everything we’d learned through our mistakes and successes with Evergreen we were able to start development with a strong shared vision of the final game. After eight months of part time development the core of Pocket Bonsai is complete, but we plan to regularly update with new features for some time to come.


You can read about Pocket Bonsais conception in more detail here.

Core Features

  • Grow your bonsai. Players have direct control of the growth of each branch through the use of direction arrows.

  • Real time growth. After the player has shaped the tree to their liking they can return the next to see the changes (as well as any new branches that may have sprouted). They can also leave the game open and watch their tree slowly grow through the day.

  • Nurture your bonsai. The players bonsai will require regular care to look its best. They should make sure to keep it well watered and free of weeds.

  • Decorate your bonsai. The player can choose from selections of pots and decorative items to personalise their bonsai and its environment.

  • Relax. At its core, Pocket Bonsai is a relaxing experience created to give players a sense of patience and fulfilment as they bring their creations to life.

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Core Development Team

Thusus Winter: Programmer | Chris Haley: Programmer | Jack Erskine: Artist | Micheal Muirden: UI Artist  | Trevor Clift: Artist & Programmer

Additional Help

Chris Eickelman: Music & Sound Effects 

Game Testers

Fiona the 2nd | Sean Fenemore | Haralgumin Allpride | Pwnies | Reesylou | Ruby Berry | Elijah Jones | Anneke Cox | Danyka Van Buuren

Special Thanks

Seb Perri | The Academy of Interactive Entertainment | Canberra Bonsai Society | InnovationACT | ACT Government | Screen Canberra | Stir | CanDev | Game Plus

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