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Hello to all and welcome to the Siege Sloth blog, where I, Micheal, will be taking you on a tour of the inner workings of the Siege Sloth team.

What I hope to do here over the next few weeks is continue to write a series of short post mortems for each of our prototypes with the shared goals of teaching people where even a team of dashing and intelligent young men such as ourselves can, and do make mistakes; and forever publishing those mistakes to the remorseless masses of the internet in the hopes that the ridicule that we receive will be enough that we will not make them again.

This post comes to you later than I would like, I was hoping to talk through the production process for all of our prototypes but we kinda got caught up in all the magic of games (and the occasional game of magic) and have only now had enough time to get our website up and running.

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