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Global Game Jam: Blind

This was unofficially the team’s first game together, with everyone but Jack (who was ultimately easily replaceable) getting together into a cramped little room to take part in the Global Game Jam. This year’s theme was "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." which I have to admit we found to be quite difficult because it wasn’t a simple concept like ‘dice’ or ‘flowerpots’ like we had come across in previous game jams.

After much debate and some input from Duncan from Evil Aliens we came up with a pretty solid game concept and got to work, the team did quite well together and we ended up with what we thought was a nice looking and playable game with what I think is a cool central game mechanic. Looking back on the game we feel that one of the major issues is a failure to really impress the setting of the game early on, leaving some players wondering what is happening up until the manage to switch on the lights. We also felt the ending of the game could also use a fair bit of polish, the game itself only takes a few minutes to play through and many players found the end came on very abruptly and to some degree without proper narrative justification if you had not looked intently on all of the assets around the scene that gave context to the story.

Ultimately the project served to show that we could work together and create something, but our focus on the small story without having anyone in the team who would be able to dedicate the time that it needed to feel organic was the main problem with the game.

If you would like to play Blind you can find it here on the Global game jam website, please give us any feedback that you have and I will update this post accordingly.

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