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November Siege Sloth Update

I know we have been remiss in updating the dev blog of late. It has not been forgotten, but it has been given a lower priority to the huge number of things we have been getting up to of late, in this post I’ll be going through what has been occupying our time and later in the week I plan to write about some of the new features that have been implemented into Evergreen.



A local network of entrepreneurs recently staged a series of workshops to help postgraduate students produce high quality business documents that can then be used to help make a business case to investment networks. We participated in this program and at the end of this process there was a chance to win some funding from a pool of $50,000. We developed our business canvas over the course of the program and submitted it to the panel for the chance to be shortlisted to pitch our idea for the prize money.

We were ecstatic to find that we were one of the 10 teams to be shortlisted but there was some tough competition. We then spent the next week preparing for the pitch, David and Daniel from over at dreamgate were awesome and gave us some really useful feedback on our pitch and we went into the pitch competition with a solid presentation.

A week later we were lucky enough to be named one of the 5 teams that would receive some funding. All in all it was a useful program for us as we are still inexperienced when it comes to setting up the business side of indie game development, and getting some funding at the end will allow us to make the best version of Evergreen that we can.

PAX Australia


We’ve had our tickets booked for PAX aus for months, but it was only a week before it started that our place at the AIE booth was confirmed. This led to a mad dash to get everything ready and tested for the convention.

Once we were ready we all got into a car and drove down (with 5 large guys the backseat was like an 8 hour long hug) and set up. We had rented an apartment off AirBnB for the same price as the cheapest youth hostel and we were very happy with it for the duration of the trip.

PAX was amazing, and the indie area was better laid out then at PAX Prime in my opinion. We had the chance to talk to tons of cool people and get some feedback on the game, both in how it played and in the design decisions that we will be implementing going forward.

Since then we’ve all come back and really gotten stuck into game development, with us looking at having a full playable alpha by the end of the year. My next blog post will show off some of the new features that we have implemented, so if you’re interested keep an eye out for that over the next few days.

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