Evergreen November Update

As promised I’m here to update everybody on what features we’ve been implementing into Evergreen over the past few weeks. Now that we’re done with most of the conventions for the year we are concentrating on getting the entire game built to a basic level before the start of 2015.

Level Concepts

We have talked about what places to include in the final game and what events the tree can take part in. Based on these conversations Jack has done up 4 level mock ups for each stage that we can pick and mix from.


Here we have one of the layouts from the early oceans from about 500 million years ago.


An another showing some possible variations of a pre dinosaur swamp area.

Grey Boxing

The second step in this process is doing basic level mock ups in Unity to help us nail down a sense of scale for each level, as well as being able to build some of the basic events and interactions that you will be able to see in the final game.


Trev has been doing an amazing job getting these out quickly so we can start testing them.

Grey Box Comparison

This shows the difference that a little lighting can make to a scene.

Adding Weather Effects

Chris has added a few new weather effects to challenge the player as they attempt to grow their tree.

Rain Gif.gif

A nice gentle shower to help the tree grow

Lightning Gif.gif

Having lightning bound to a hotkey is something that everyone should have access to.

Forging Shaders

I’ve been playing around in shaderforge to try and get the tree ghosting looking a little nicer than it does currently, here's what I have so far.

Ghost Shader Gif.gif

Prototyping New Features

We have been playing with the idea of continuous tree growth since PAX Prime, recently we shopped the idea to players at PAX Aus and received some positive feedback so Thusus has prototyped the mechanic and we think it adds a lot to the game.


The player still controls the tree but when they haven't taken direct control the branches and roots continue to grow at a much slower rate. This ensures that the tree continues to get bigger and means that the player doesn't have to extend every little branch if they want to see the tree get bigger.

Wrapping Up

Thats pretty much all we’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks, I’ll try to have these updates up a little more regularly as after iFest in a couple of weeks we won't be at any trade shows for a while. If you have any feedback on any of the features that I’ve talked about feel free to leave a comment or send an email. We are making this game for you, the player, and want it to be the best experience possible.