February Art Update

While the programming team have been hard at work adding loops and variables to make Evergreen work, the art team have been pushing ahead and populating levels with some cool new assets.

We have been working hard to be able to populate the second of our nine levels with some creatures and environment assets to get a better feeling for what the final game will look like.

The characters are still awaiting animation, and have been rendered out of the 3d modelling software, and as missing the final toon shader that will be applied to all of the assets in the game.


“Charlie” (as he has come to be known around the office) the fish will eventually be lured out of the water, and his great great grandchildren will be seen later on in the game.


"Duncan" the Dunkleosteus will be using his huge teeth to provide Charlie with some incentive to move towards the land.


Here you can see the coral growing, which will triggered by the tree providing nutrients to the water. Interactions with the plants and animals in the world of Evergreen will be one of the key ways you can change the events and change the course of history.

We have more work to go, getting all the assets animated and into the project and having them interact with the tree and the world. If you have any critiques or opinions on the style let us know in the comments or via facebook or twitter.